Saturday, October 17, 2009

Nikon EH-6 secrets, part 5

Here is the view to a bottom sticker at Nikon EH-6 power supply:Described are - input voltage range, ouput voltage and current (13.5V, 5A) and also pins of power connector.


John said...

Great article on the EH-6, the Quantum SD-10 power cable is a perfect fit if you can find one at a discount. I will be using the SD-10 on a Nikon D200 and have two questions about the power source.
Will the D200 work at 12 VDC without a problem and is a 12 volt lead acid battery a good source?

John Lucas
Hurricane, UT

Timo Kuhmonen said...

Forgot to answer this, sorry. My D200 has been working correctly with 12V DC supply. On my last LiPo battery project, even 10.5V was enough for correct operation. If you have 13.5V DC available (like in EH-6), I recommend to use it...