Sunday, November 25, 2007

Samsung SHC-721A, IR testing

This video surveillance camera has a black & white mode. Usually it is meant for low-light conditions. According to manual, there's not clearly defined what happens in this mode. When lens is removed - in front of the CCD sensor - there is visible some filter foil. That has light green/cyan color. When BW mode is activated, a short "bzzztt" sound is heard. I assume that camera moves the filter away from top of sensor.

I decided to make some experimental testing, to see whether this camera was sensitive to IR. The target was hot soldering iron (Weller WTCP-s). The temparature in the solder tip is approximately +300°C. The equipment setup was:

Samsung SCH-721A camera
Nikon F / C-mount adapter
MF Nikkor 55/2.8 macro lens

results were recorded video clips:
1st, normal room lightning
2nd, very low light level
3rd, no room lightning

There is no IR sensitivity visible on 1st video clip. On the second video, IR radiation is clearly visible (brighter spot during heat-up cycle). This also shows the position of heating element inside of the solder tip. Third image shows the IR only, because there is not room lightning used. I was just wondering, where could I actually use this for. Has the sun some activity on the IR...? It remains to be seen, where this particular sensitivity is suitable for.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

SC OTA for planets, order status

Order process is ongoing, but not so fluently as I expected. All the needed parts arrived to dealer. That had been informed to me already, my e-mail safety rules had blocked this mail. Payment is now done. Currently I am waiting for the dealer in Germany to inform me, when payment is received at their side. I was told that I will receive UPS tracking number, when shipment is done. I would estimate that scope arrives somewhere on the end of next week, hopefully...

Comet 17P/Holmes

This is my first decent comet image I've produced with Nikon D200. I'm quite satisfied with the result, this a good point to develop skills further. 17P/Comet was imaged at Nuuksio nature park, on 4th Novenber 2007. Size was approximately 1/3 of full moon diameter. Image is made up of 21 separate frames, each 30sec @ISO800 with 300/4.5 MF Nikkor lens.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Comet 17P/Holmes

On the 1st November 2007, I tried again to photograph this comet. Locally it was too windy, and D200/MF Nikkor 300f4.5 would have been affected by shaking. Visually the target was like few days before. The next attempt will be most propably on Sunday 4th November. For that night my work colleague planned an observation session to near nature park at Nuuksio.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Comet 17P/Holmes

Yesterday I had a possibility to view a this magnificent comet on Espoo sky, with my 15*70 Helios -binoculars. What a beatiful sight! I have seen many pictures at web, but now I finally realized the actual size of it. It looked like a large fuzzy plate in the sky. The inner part of the comet was bright. Around the core thre was a bit darker rim. Towards the edge of comet, brightness inscreased slightly.

With my naked eye observation, the comet looked as small fuzzy dot. It was cleary diffrent than the bright stars. Sometimes it looked, that I was able see the bright core, not still 100% sure of it. Later on the evening / night the sky was cloudy, so I didn't had opportunity to photograph it. Later on today I'll make new attempts, the weather forecast looks promising.