Saturday, June 28, 2008

Televue Everbrite diagonal, part2

I got new replacement mirror for Televue diagonal, I changed it myself. This is how the story goes... First thing is to get proper allen wrench. You need to use 1/16" wrench (a bit larger than 1.5mm wrench). Open all the four screws. Keep the mirror holder block facing down (mirror will not drop). Gently lift up the diagonal body and remove the gasket. Take a note of the gasket position.
Mirror lies now in the holder, scratches are easily seen. And there are lot of those... Remove mirror from the holder. Put it on soft cloth or a piece of lens paper (to avoid any other damage).
On backside of faulty mirror there is a "signature". This most propably refers to quality checking. Either the person performing quality control, did not actually check the mirror, or scratches have been made in the mirror installation phase. TV quality control -> alert, alert...

Based on "signatures", replacement mirror has been checked by two persons...

Mirror holder has two thin strips of soft foam inside, to press the mirror against diagonal body. I am bit worried about this material. How does it work after long time, ten years or more ? Is it still flexible enough to support the mirror ?
Install the replacement mirror on the holder. No scratches seen anymore (few dust particles are present, no affect to actual use).
Take a diagonal body, gasket and mirror holder. Install the gasket in same position as it was when disassembling. Thighten all the four screws.

Final checking of diagonal against bright light, mirror surface looks good.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Televue Everbrite diagonal, part1

After my recent accessory order arrived, Televue 1.25" Everbrite mirror diagonal was a faulty one :-( The mirror inside of was totally full of scratches. After contacting to dealer, it was decided that I receive a new replacement mirror for free, and change it myself.

I still want to believe that TV makes excellent quality products. Within this sample, the quality control checks were not working.