Thursday, November 1, 2007

Comet 17P/Holmes

Yesterday I had a possibility to view a this magnificent comet on Espoo sky, with my 15*70 Helios -binoculars. What a beatiful sight! I have seen many pictures at web, but now I finally realized the actual size of it. It looked like a large fuzzy plate in the sky. The inner part of the comet was bright. Around the core thre was a bit darker rim. Towards the edge of comet, brightness inscreased slightly.

With my naked eye observation, the comet looked as small fuzzy dot. It was cleary diffrent than the bright stars. Sometimes it looked, that I was able see the bright core, not still 100% sure of it. Later on the evening / night the sky was cloudy, so I didn't had opportunity to photograph it. Later on today I'll make new attempts, the weather forecast looks promising.

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