Monday, October 22, 2007

Sun without spots

My first decent attempt to photograph the sun... This time it did not have any visible spots, image was taken at 20th October 2007. Used equipment were: Baader solar filter foil, Nikon 300/4,5 tele lens and Samsung SHC-721A surveillance camera. This final image was stacked from separate frames with Registax, approximately 250 frames were used.
After taking the original AVI clips, some problems were really visible. Below is one frame captured from the clip. Below and above the sun, the brighter area is visible. This may be due to blooming affect on the camera. Also narrow darker vertical "stripes" are visible. This particular camera has menu, but I have not found any blooming related adjustments there. Looks like this type of camera is not very suitable for high contrast targets...

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