Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Imaging Source cameras (installation)

Installation procedure was pretty straightforward. First connect camera with USB cable. A note "New HW detected" will appear on screen. Also notification "Problem detected ... might not work properly" is seen, ignore this one. Start software installation from the disk supplied. First select "Install driver" -option, then continue with "Install IC Capture.AS". When software is started, the live image from camera shall be visible.
I used two "targets" for testing, sample grey card and a small stamp. Both were imaged with MF Nikkor 55/2.8 lens attached. I ajusted gray card exposure to get three "spikes" visible on histogram. I still need to play around with camera settings, to get a best estimate for first astro imaging session.

Camera is equipped with 1.25"/C -adapter. In my William Optics SCT grayford focuser 2"-1.25" adapters brass compression ring is bit too wide for 1.25"/C adapter. Hopefully this does not cause any problems "in the field". There is another ring (C/CS adapter?) also in camera, this I do not need in my imaging setup.

Now I only need clear skies, weather forecast looks a bit more promising. Clear skies were estimated at night between friday and saturday...


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