Friday, November 2, 2012

Nikon DSLR battery project, converter specs

This battery project, requires some additional electronics. Main purpose is to keep output voltage stable as the input voltage changes (depending on the amount of 4S LiPo cell discharge level).

There is many options and manufactures to look at... First I will check what local stores (like YE, Partco and Elfa) are selling. I will make later decisions, what voltage converter to use. Because of efficiency requirements, converter module based on the linear technology, is not an option here...


-typical input voltage 14.8…16.8V DC
-output voltage 12...13.5V DC
-output current 6A continuous
-efficiency bigger than 80%
-input low voltage cut-off @ 14V => 4*3.5V for 4S LiPo
-output short circuit protected
-preferred as PCB model
-small size recommended
-small heatsink usage - ok


marek gabrysch said...

how about this one - much cheaper in UK seems to be about the same specs but 1/3 of the price

Timo Kuhmonen said...

For my purposes, the output current of this model, is not sufficient. I have measured, that on the longer exposueres, Nikon D200 takes itself 0.6amps. (to be on the safe side, supply has to be rated at least 3 amps). I also plan to feed two other equipment (dew heater and tracking mount) for short period of use, so the current requirement increases...

There is some manufacturers and stores, that I have not yet checked (for cheaper option, compared to meanwell module)