Monday, November 5, 2012

Nikon DSLR battery project, converter selection

Some background investigation is done now. Few samples from couple of DC/DC converter manufacturers, seems a good solution. One that I first noticed, was 75Watt series from Meanwell. Type MHB75-12S12 provides conversion from 4S LiPo cell voltage to constant output voltage. Most important spec are:

Half-brick size (2.28" 2.4" 0.5")
2:1 wide input range
Protections: Short circuit / Over current / Over voltage / Over temperature
High efficiency up to 89%
Built-in remote ON/OFF control
Built-in remote sense
Trimming output 10%
Five-sided shield metal case

For more detailed information, check MHB75-12S12 specs here. This type of converter, is in sale at Elfa Distrelec.


marek gabrysch said...

Awesome research Timo. Having travelled far to get a dark sky last night with fully charged dual bettery pack and dissapointed by very low battery life. Now looking at Meanwell MHB75 but there are no UK suppliers. I'm thinking of running it from lead acid as have easy quick access to leisure batteries they needn't leave the car. I guess this will work ok? How did you wire in the diodes if I were to skip the Meanwell option?

Timo Kuhmonen said...

Are you using Nikon, or some other camera, that operates at voltage lower than 12 ?

One option for 12V supply, is to use lead acid batteries - that are normally meant for motorcycle 12V start batteries. They are smaller and lighter, compared to 12V lead acid car battery.

If used lead acid battery, there is no need for voltage dropping at 12V system, at least for Nikon cameras that operate on external 12V suply (EH-6). Small fuse, recommended in line - to protect camera & supply battery....