Tuesday, December 4, 2007

SC OTA for planets, scope arrived

The C8 XLT scope arrived, at 30th November 2007. I wasn't home, when first delivery was attempted by UPS, so scope had to picked up at local UPS storage premises. This is how my planet imaging setup looks like:

System consists of Celestron C8 XLT Schmidt-Cassegrain scope (2032mm, f/10), mounted on Skywatcher HEQ-5. There is enough of focal length in C8 to be used for planet imaging. In case I later on get interested in DS photography, this tube will come in handy with some focal reducer - like 0.5x -model from Optec.

I have bought a separate Grayford focuser from William Optics. This way you can get a smoother focusing, and also both 1.25" and 2" accessory connections. Focuser also rotates around it's axis, to allow suitable composition in the image.

3X barlox is from Televue, quality and build looks and feels very convincing. Barlow lens felt solid, and a bit heavy when I first took it in my hand. I believe it will be worth of invesment. Reflections in the lens surfaces were very deep green, so I assume lens coatings are typical (and good) Televue value.

AVI sequence of the planets will be captured with Philips web camera. SPC900NC was available at the time. Oririginal lens was removed from camera and 1.25" adapter was screwed into lens thread. I also use a Baader UV/IR cut filter in front of the sensor, to ensure better image quality.

All I need now is some freetime and clear skies with good seeing. Currently it does not look too promising... Sleet is pouring down from the sky.

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