Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Nikon D200 problems, part 3

Unfortunately, again problems with my Nikon D200 body. This time it is visible in the the raw -images already.

There was noticed strange banding all over the image area. Narrow stripes are located closely to each other. In a portrait image, stripes are visible as horizontally. The phenomenon gets worse, when the camera is exposed to low temperatures, like -20C and below that. I am not sure, is this a typical behavior for D200.

Two images attached, lower one is scaled from original to 800pix in height. Banding is only slightly visible. Upper image is direct crop in the middle of image, without scaling.

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FrantiĊĦek Havel said...

Hello from czech republic.
My D200 does it too. It's visible on mid-tones (darks in Lightroom) on RAWs. The ISO value and low tempetatures doesn't matter.