Saturday, November 8, 2008

Trip to Kilpisjärvi

During mid-september 2008 I had a nature photography trip to northern Finland, i.e. Kilpisjärvi. In addition to landscape and nature details photographs, I captured some images of atmospheric phenomenon. I am again waiting the next opportunity to get there with my camera, so beautiful the landscape is there when the lightning conditions are good...
Auroras above lake Kilpisjärvi.
Sunpillar above lake Kilpisjärvi.
Misty morning and fogbow.


Lasse said...

Tuo revontulikuva on maaginen. Pitäisi joskus itsekin päästä kameran kanssa kuvausetäisyydelle... kunhan joskus muutenkin näkisi. :)

Timo Kuhmonen said...

Kiitos kommentista.

Kamerakerhon muut retkeläiset hälyyttivät minut ulos reposia kuvaamaan... (kamerana Panasonic LX3 -pokkari). Pilkkumaksimin aikaan -tai vuosi pari sen jälkeen- pitäisi näkyä reposia enemmänkin, noin vuonna 2012.

Durruti said...

the effect of your photo "Misty morning and fogbow" I thing it´s named also "Broken Spectrum" or "Sun Glory". It occurs when the free sun ligth is exactly on back and the water smog is nearest. Needed nothing or none smog on back and near smog on front.

Usually it appear just into soft closed rainbow and pespective shadow just in center effect.

good composition whith tree, thanks for make public

regards from EA1EF, Eduardo

Timo Kuhmonen said...

Eduardo, thanks for comments.

I was satisfied with Nikon 10.5/2.8 lens- since in this photo it does not show the huge distortion effects (that would be normally visible).

If I go same place next years, I will try to catch that Brocken and glory rings. On the slopes of fell that could be possible. Just requires some luck, egough of fog layer and sun in suitable position at sky.

73 de OH7HMS