Friday, February 13, 2009

Nikon D200 problems, part 2

Today I picked up my D200 camera from the service. It was a positive surprise to me... It has been repaired for free of charge.

Mirror mechanics had been replaced and adjusted. Also cleaning and camera final testing was included. Firmware was updated to version 2.00. When I looked the info leaflet, more was about to come... Also there was following items replaced, and again free of charge (!)

-grip rubber unit
-I/F side rubber unit
-bottom cover rubber unit
-front body unit
-rear rubber unit

During repairing, I told also to find out total shutter count. It was 3926 images, since I bought camera at 03/2006. Not very much... I should start using my camera more often.

Thanks goes to Nikon and JAS Tekniikka for a good service !


Anonymous said...

please tell me where you sent your camera for service..


Timo Kuhmonen said...

Hello Frank,

I sent it to service, at local Nikon authorised service point (JAS, in southern Finland). I have understood that this kind of repairs (free of charge due to warranty) should be valid internationally, also there where you are...